“Physical Fitness Is The First Requisite Of Happiness”

Joseph Pilates

Our classes

Coming to my Pilates class you can expect to be working on your entire body, paying special attention to breathing.  I expect you to stay relaxed but focused, breathe deeply and practice diligently within your own level. If you work regularly you will notice increased muscle tone and flexibility, stronger joints and lower back muscles, flatter stomach,  superb posture and better mood!

Some Pilates exercises feel easy, some hard, some probably strange. The most important thing is to perform them correctly so then, you are able to use all those deep, small muscles that you probably even didn’t know that you had. To see results you must be patient and persistent, remember that “Rome was not built in one day.”  You need at least two classes a week, ideally three but you can easily incorporate mat exercises at home.

One-to-One and Duet sessions

Ideal if you have specific goals in mind or recovering from injury. Or maybe, if you simply do not like lack of personal attention at the gym  – private sessions are for you! I am offering flexible appointment times at your own home or in my studio in Askew Road (additional charges applicable).

Mats and Pilates equipment provided. Duet sessions works best when you or your friend/partner has similar physical abilities or goals.

Mat Work Pilates Classes

Methodists Askew Road Church, W12 9RN – entrance from Bassein Park Road (map)

If you do not mind to work with others, in small group maximum of 6 people, you are more than welcome to join my classes located in Hammersmith.


6pm – join this class if you are new to Pilates
7pm – an ideal class for those who are looking for strengthening and re-shaping their bodies
8pm – mixed ability class focused on strengthening, stretching and relaxing. Perfect way to finish the day!