Weekend in Bruges

Great example of city brweek in burgaseak that won’t ruin your budget. You don’t have to spend thousands of pounds (youWeek in Bruges always can if you wish to) or take time off work. A weekend in Bruges is only 280 km away from London and it takes around 5 hrs if you travel by a car or 2 hrs if you use Eurostar. We arrived in the evening time an
d we were blown away by an atmosphere in the city – relaxed, friendly and car free. Yes car free – everyone on his own foot or on a bike! How good for an environment and safety of the night strollers!  For me Burges is the perfect place for those in love – how romantic is  to ramble along canals that looks like a backdrop in fairy tale!  We ate at small local restaurants, ordered a couple of dishes and then shared – beer based Flemish stew ( OMG!), Waterzoi, mussels, waffles, ice-cream,  beer…yum yum.